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One of the festival’s biggest assets is clear: The Mad Alchemy Liquid Light Show. Founded by Lance Gordon, who’s been blending oils and light since 1971 when the company was first called Palantir.


Desert Daze wouldn’t be Desert Daze without the iconic liquid light shows working their magic behind the energy of a live band.

Foxes Magazine

October 16st, 2018


This incredible photo gallery by artist Dave Vann captures the passion, joy, and magic that is Joe Russo’s Almost Dead—and also shares a rare backstage glimpse into the art behind Mad Alchemy’s liquid light works.

Thanks for kicking ass and working to find the happy aesthetic medium with me. Really admire that you were committed to finding solutions collectively to make it all work - speaks to your maturity as an artist and collaborator. Obviously your work was stunning and I look forward to the next opportunity to be able to bring you on (your proximity and tech has you as my first choice, without a doubt).
Patrick Nissim
Night On Broadway
January 2018


“HUGE shoutout to Mad Alchemy for creating some of the best liquid light shows I've ever seen!! They really were a huge part of why Desert Daze was so beautiful and so visually pleasing.”


Foxes Magazine

October 21st, 2016 

“Seeing some of the best and most important psychedelic bands on the planet is one thing but the pairing sonic art such as the Brian Jonestown Massacre with Mad Alchemy Liquid Light Show, the  most complex and detailed oil light show on the planet, was really something special.”
David Lacroix
A Love That's Sound
October 22nd, 2016


“I made my way over to the Block Stage, which was surprisingly easy to find in the dimly lit festival grounds, to catch Temples mid-set- just follow the kaleidoscopic beams to find a stage clothed in white fabric and an immodest mania of light and sound.

Having their psychedelic melodies as the first band to lubricate my sense of sound with music, while swirling colors projected behind them, compliments of Mad Alchemy Liquid Light Show, was probably the sweetest way I could have began my three-day journey.”

Janky Smooth

October 19th, 2016


"As time progressed, Mad Alchemy's liquid light shows gained momentum, touring with Iowa psych-act Radio Moscow and performing one-off shows with San Francisco artists like Sleepy Sun. With the help of local concert promoter Folk Yeah, Mad Alchemy light shows were added to more Bay Area live dates. Since 2011, Gordon estimates Mad Alchemy has performed more than 850 gigs, at venues including Public Works in San Francisco, SXSW in Austin, and the London Forum."  
Kevin W. Smith
SF Weekly


From "Multiple Projections" by Yvonne McKeown
Shindig Magazine (UK), 2015 

"[The Mad Alchemist], modern-day lightshow aficonadao has become a well-known figure on the contemporary West Coast psychedelic scene and is continuing the traditon of synesthetic art."
Read the interview highlights here!


"...Many thanks to Mad Alchemy for coming out to #DESERTDAZE2015 this year and creating the most beautiful living backdrop we could never imagine in our wildest dreams! 

Stay tuned for more MOON BLOCK x Mad Alchemy collaborations ahead!  most intuitive and mesmerizing visual backdrop I have ever seen." 
- Desert Daze promoter


"...the most intuitive and mesmerizing visual backdrop I have ever seen."

By Sean Toohey;, December 6, 2014

Image courtesy of Dan Kimber


December 6th, the winter has finally reared its head in gloomy old Manchester and the nights become dark and cold. With this in mind, why not become indoctrinated into the warm, nostalgic, twanging sounds of Kettering's Temples.  Sounds of the "Summer of Love" in the cold of the night. 


Catching me by surprise as my eyes wandered around the grand beauty of Manchester's Ritz, opening band Superfoodhooked me from the offset and refused to let go. The band had been recommended to me several times prior and for whatever reason I had neglected to pick up an album and jump in, I regretted this almost instantaneously...


" was a trip to see the Mad Alchemy light show."

Raw Power Music, 2014

Image Copyright Raw Power Music, 2014

"...another Mad Alchemy light show, which just continues to blow our minds."
Indie Outlaws, December 2014

Image Copyright Tyler Loring, 2014


Andy and I had the pleasure of hanging out at The Chapel the other night to catch a rad party by Folk Yeah, with another Mad Alchemy light show, which just continues to blow our minds. Yet again, another stacked line up featuring Allah-Las, The Tyde, and Light Fantastic. Man, what a great time we had, both openers killed it; The Tyde was handing out free pins, just all around great vibes. Allah-Las took the stage to a very excited and welcoming crowd, opening night one of their two-night New Year party. You could tell they were happy to be spending it at such a spectacular venue in the amazing city of San Francisco. The set had a great blend of each of their albums...


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